Data Management

Export Data from TeacherKit

Export Data from TeacherKit

Many teachers need the data they save in TeacherKit to be exported in excel format to use it in their schools. TeacherKit can export 5 files from your class data: Student Roster, Attendance, Behavior, Grade Book Template, Grades

You can export the files to Dropbox, E-mail and iTunes.


  1. Open TeacherKit, and from «Classes» View (Home Screen)
  2. Tap on «Select» button in the top bar.
  3. Select a class, Tap “Export” button in the top bar.
  4. Switch ON the files you want to export, then tap on «Export» button.
Export Data from TeacherKit

Once you tap «Export», The below window will be opened to you to select where do you wanna export your files. Just tap on the one you want.


Files will be added in your Dropbox account under “Dropbox\TeacherKit\Shared” folder:

Export Data from TeacherKit

Files will be attached to an Email and you just need to add the recipient e-mail.


To access the exported files from iTunes,

  1. Connect iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer then open iTunes,
  2. Select your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch from the list on the left under devices,
  3. Open the Apps tab in the main view, Scroll down to iTunes File Sharing.
  4. Select TeacherKit from the left table, exported files will be listed in the right table.
Export Data from TeacherKit


  • As for the student roster, in case the students have photos, the roster will be zipped and include the student photos.
  • You can import the exported files again to TeacherKit in case needed.
  • Till now only 2 files can be imported from the 5 exported files; Student Roster and Gradebook. Template.