Data Management

How to backup your data?

How to backup your data?

Backup your data using iCloud or Dropbox

You don’t need to worry about your data anymore, just take backup whenever you want.

Here is how to backup your data:
  1. Open TeacherKit
  2. Tap on the sidebar, and choose Settings
  3. Tap on «Backup»
  4. Choose which source you do prefer to backup your data on (iCloud or Dropbox)

Using iCloud:

  1. Choose «iCloud»
  2. Tap on «Backup Now»

Using Dropbox:

  1. Choose «Dropbox»
  2. It will require from you to login with your Dropbox account (If you don’t have an account, here is how to create one).
  3. Login with your Dropbox account
  4. Tap on «Backup Now» Your backup file is saved in your Dropbox account (Path: «Dropbox > TeacherKit > Backups«)


  • The backup file that is created is only readable on TeacherKit application (can’t be used on your computer).
  • Dropbox can also help you export and import your TeacherKit .CSV Data.
  • Currently iCloud and Dropbox are only available on TeacherKit iPad and iPhone versions.