New to TeacherKit? We’ll help you know it all

What is TeacherKit?

What is TeacherKit?

TeacherKit is a simple, easy-to-use, and feature-rich app that makes day-to-day teaching a breeze. It lifts the headache of routine administration, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you – teaching.
TeacherKit helps you organize classes and students easily; Record attendance, log behavior, and track grades all with few taps. It can be used by K12 teachers, Higher Edu faculty, corporate trainers and more. 

What is TeacherKit?

  • Organize your classes
  • Import your student roster
  • Add your timetable
  • Log student’s attendance
  • Create and print a seating chart for your students
  • Add behavior notes for students
  • Create a grading schema and record students’ grades
  • Stay informed on your student’s performance and class overall progress

Here is a quick tour showing off the main features

  • TeacherKit is free to download and use. TeacherKit Premium upgrades the experience with reporting and lots of amazing features to help you work even smarter.

TeacherKit Premium Subscription:

  • 1-month subscription – $3.99 (automatically renewed until cancelled).
  • 1-year subscription – $39.99 (automatically renewed until cancelled).