• Advanced reporting system
  • Best classroom management tool that facilitates teachers needs
  • Very flexible system
  • Customizable grading system
  • Works offline
  • Available across multiple-platforms for Web, iOS and Android
  • Synchronization along multiple devices
  • Increase in-class interactivity
  • Parent and student communication

What is TeacherKit Schools?

The only product that enables Teachers ,Administrators ,Students and Parents with a full reporting classroom management system for student attendance, behavior, grades and classroom activities.

Who Do We Help?

  • Needs an easy tool to manage all of the school teachers and students.
  • Need to be able to send reports to students parents.
  • Need to a tool to be able to generate transcripts for each student in the school
  • Need to be able to generate a report to know each of teacher activity along the semester.
  • Need a tool to track each of student attendance, behavior and grades
  • Being able to manage students seating easily.
  • Communicate student updates easily to their parents with no need to meetings hassle.
  • Send class reports easily to school administration.
  • Having a hard time to communicate with his child teachers
  • Need to always keep progress of his child progress in school and know his problems
  • Always need to get track of his grades.
  • Not engaged in learning and can’t find the motive to get high grades.
  • Shy to get feedback about his performance from his teachers.
  • Sometimes forgets about his homework.





Ready to see our system in action?


All the educational institution together


Students progress across different classrooms and subjects

Student Performance
along the class

Behavior for each student

Grades Transcript


  • Facilitate Teacher’s every day class needs.
  • Reducing Teacher – Parents meeting hassle and keep parents always informed with their child progress.
  • Keep always students aware about their performance to improve their growth through the learning process.
  • Facilitating the accessibility for any user from any device any where
  • Managing all of the school classrooms and ability to export powerful gradebooks and reports for each student and each teacher as well.

Our Pricing




The standard plan includes all of the core features for the school admins and teachers:

  • Manage Classes
  • Manage Teachers
  • Manage Students
  • Take Attendance
  • Record Behavior
  • Log Grades
  • Generate Class & Student Reports
  • Parents & Students communication apps
  • Data Synchronization

Ready to see our system in action?