Getting the most out of TeacherKit Student

We look at one of the most basic important needs that students need to know every day: being able to track their progress at class and get notified about their classroom updates. Some students might need to communicate with their teachers at school and get feedback about his grades and performance in the classroom. TeacherKit Students works on facilitating all of these needs for students and it only takes a few moments to sign up. Why switch to a technology-based process: isn’t that just adding unnecessary complexity? The answer to that is twofold. Firstly, a technology-based register can be just as simple and swift to use as a paper-based one. And secondly, technology can open up numerous ways to get your data that makes following up on your progress far easier and more meaningful.

Follow up your attendance in the class.

Get notified about your class activities.

Keep track of your classes grades.

Receive feedback about your behavior in the class.

What is TeacherKit Student ?

TeacherKit Student App is a revolutionary app for students. TeacherKit Student allows students the option view all of their attendance, behavior, grades and all of their classroom activities from their device anywhere any time.

Multiple languages. Multiple platforms

It’s simple to install, and easy to use. TeacherKit Student is compatible with with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.