TeacherKit Parents

How can teachers invite parents and students?

How to sync your data?

Lets get started!

It’s time for teachers and parents to work together!

They both share the same goal and are continuously looking for ways to develop their student/child performance and transform them into high achievers.

Here are the steps to get started

  • After successfully syncing your data
  • Go to the side bar
  • Tap on “invite”
  • Tap on “parents and students”
  • Select student(s)
  • Generate invitation letter (student & parent code)
  • Email it to yourself
  • Or print it and hand it to students to give to their parents
Note: Once the student or the parent receives the code, they will scan it after downloading TeacherKit Parents / TeacherKit Students app from the store. Then they will be able to track all their data. How can parents use TeacherKit parents?
How can teachers invite parents and students