After I sync, something goes wrong with my data (duplicated or deleted, etc.)

Simple steps to follow to help you fix data deletion or duplication issue.

We are continually working on improving the sync feature to perform better and more stable, so while using it, you might face some hitches that can be easily solved.

If your data was deleted or duplicated after syncing, don’t worry it is safe; Here are steps to help fix this issue easily.

  1. Undo your last sync Open TK app, tap on the top left side bar icon, Choose Settings > Support >  Sync Info > Tap on Undo last sync.

  2. Sync your data After restoring your data, open TK app again and tap on Sync icon (from the top left side bar icon). Wait until your sync finishes successfully. Once the sync is finished successfully, everything will go well with you again.

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If you tried the mentioned steps and things didn’t work with you, it is ok. We are here to help you fix that. Just communicate with us more your case in more details here.