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How to become the best teacher and the tools that help

Great instructors not only put in a lot of time and effort into their classes and materials, but they also reflect on their teachings, aims, and goals on a regular basis. It won't make you a better teacher if you don't change anything and remain with what you know. Learning does not end when you graduate from college, as all effective instructors know.

10 Techniques To Try With Students Who Struggle To Stay Attentive

Paying attention in class. It’s absolutely fundamental, yes? Surely students only learn when they listen to the teacher and follow the lesson closely? Actually, maybe not. Today’s digital world presents students with a plethora of demands for their attention – far more than we experienced as children. Some see this as a worry, fearing that we face raising a generation of attention-deficient students unable to concentrate on anything.
10 Techniques To Try With Students Who Struggle To Stay Attentive

Why Teachers Should Invite Parents To Start Using Teacherkit Parents App?

Parents play a very important role in their children’s academic success, that’s why it’s necessary for teachers to include them in every step over the course of the academic year, and in every decision making process that concerns the well being of their children. Nowadays, the school has become a very dynamic place that requires more from parents than just helping with homework; their help has to extend to reach the schoolwork as well. Recent studies show that parents involvement in school leads to enhanced performance of their children across all indicators....
10 Techniques To Try With Students Who Struggle To Stay Attentive

Teacherkit Story!

Every turning point has a story. TeacherKit story began a few years ago, when a group of teachers all agreed on one notion: The key to productivity simply starts with organization. From this point they decided to join forces and take steps towards a more structured lifestyle. Their first thought emerged from a market gap. Teachers may find it difficult to keep track of classes with numerous students, each having their own grades, homework, attendance, reports, analytics and the list goes on and on. They highlighted the gap in the education system, that is “An Organizing Arm”. Even a seemingly simple task like preparing for a review would require going back to archived papers and stacks of reports to retrieve all the data. It was a cry for help from all the teachers out there....

10 Great Ideas For Group Work

1 Optimize the physical space. 2 Set rules for how students should treat each other. 3 Frequently vary groups to create fresh dynamics. 4 Assign roles and responsibilities: leader, timekeeper, record keeper etc. 5 Make it challenging – group work isn’t an excuse for easy work. 6 Try team-bonding exercises to break the ice....
Teacherkit screens

Six Tips For Dealing With Bullying At School

Spot the signs Bullying isn’t always obvious, even to observant teachers. It usually happens out of sight; bullies excel at concealing things; and victims are often too ashamed or upset to come forward. Talk about it Raise the topic in the classroom, and – for actual instances – remember that simply talking really helps. Be supportive; listen without judgment or criticism....
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More Than 80,000 Teachers In Saudi Arabia Add ITWORX Education’s Teacherkit App To Their Educational Arsenal

Proving its success in providing educators with previously untapped opportunities for growth, ITWORX Education has to date enabled more 80,000 teachers in Saudi Arabia, and more than one million educators worldwide, to effortlessly manage their classrooms and students, by adding its versatile TeacherKit app to their educational arsenal. Coupling TeacherKit’s advanced features with the convenience and easy access through mobile devices, the app frees up teachers’ time and allows them to focus on what they love most; teaching....
More than 80,000 Teachers

Back To School: Five First Day Icebreakers

Most teachers can share tips on how to run the very first lesson with a brand new class. But what can you do when it’s the first day of a new term with a class you’ve already taught? There’s a still need for icebreakers that will get rid of ‘back to school’ blues and get the term off to a positive, energetic start. We’ve gathered our favourite five for you here – some with genuine educational value, and others that are just plain fun….
Back to School

5 Ways To Deescalate Upset Students In The Classroom

While our purpose here at ITWORX Education is to push the possibilities of how technology can help education, we never forget that the classroom is at heart a very human place. And that possibly the greatest skill any teacher possesses is their ability to empathise with students, of all ages. Dealing with upset students is one area where this ability is especially vital. Whether they’re angry or hurt, sad or stressed, frightened or disruptive, a student whose emotions have overwhelmed them is a student who needs you at your very best. Here are our humble suggestions as to what that might involve....
Deescalate Upset Students In The Classroom

How Classroom Management Apps Can Save You Time And Cost?

Value for money is as important in education as in any other walk of life. In fact, it’s critical in many parts of the world, where funding may be limited or constrained. Equally, knowing that something brings real benefit and change, and isn’t just a nice-to-have alternative, is critical too...
How Classroom Management Apps Can Save You Time And Cost?

How To Manage Your Classroom Through Teacherkit?

In many ways, TeacherKit can be seen as the ultimate personal organizer for a teacher. Helpful, simple, effective – it absolutely delivers on the fundamental requirement of any tool: making your life easier. With TeacherKit, you can conduct all the key tasks of classroom management: tracking students’ attendance, assigning them grades, monitoring their behavior… All through a simple intuitive interface, that works on all common devices (smartphones, tablets etc)...
How To Manage Your Classroom Through Teacherkit?