Remove The Headache Of Classroom Management 

By simplifying routine tasks, TeacherKit enables you to focus on what matters; Teaching!  


What is TeacherKit?

TeacherKit is a register app that makes classroom management so straightforward, it becomes a pleasure. You can easily record your students’ attendance, grades, and behavior, manage the class, and communicate with students and parents. It also helps you to analyze and share information, making your follow up more meaningful, and adding impact to your work.

TeacherKit is available on iOS, Android, and MS Windows, and it is suitable for K12 teachers, Higher Education faculty, and corporate trainers.

Reasons to Love TeacherKit​
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Getting Started

A technology-based register is just as simple to use as a paper-based one. It takes only a few moments: download the app, sign up and invite your students. It’s that simple.

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TeacherKit Supports
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Daniel Jones
I love keeping track of which students are participating with a visual layout

A Solution For Everyone

Teacherkit parent

TeacherKit parent

Keep parent always informed with their child classroom updates

Teacherkit Student

TeacherKit student

Keep Students always informed with their child classroom updates

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