Empowering Your School With A Complete Management And Reporting Solution.

Curated features to power every day in your educational trip.

Currently TeacherKit app is available on these platforms

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Android Phones only

We don’t support yet Android Tablets, Windows Phones, or Mac Desktop. We are considering to build it on other platforms in our future plans.

What is Teacherkit Schools?

The only product that enables Teachers ,Administrators ,Students and Parents with a full reporting classroom management system for student attendance, behavior, grades and classroom activities.

Ready To See Our System In Action?

Connecting All the educational institution together

School page

easy tool to manage all of the school teachers and students.

School page
Teacherkit Screen

Attendance and Behavior

School page
school page


School page

Student in the Classroom

Students progress across different classrooms and subjects

School page

Student Performance along the class

School page

Behavior for each student

School page
School page



$ 0.7 Student/Monthly
  • Manage Classes
  • Manage Teachers
  • Manage Students
  • Take Attendance
  • Record Behavior
  • Log Grades
  • Generate Class & Student Reports
  • Parents & Students communication apps
  • Data Synchronization