Configuring Timetable

Configuring Timetable

Timetable view is where you can see all your class lessons listed in a calendar view.

Timetable helps you set your lessons in certain date and time s o that when you open the attendance view of the class, you will be able to see the added lessons/periods in its date and record your attendance.

Configuring Timetable

Before starting to learn configuring timetable, just note that setting the timetable is optional; You can dismiss adding the lessons and directly go to the attendance view and take attendance anytime you want and simply tap on “Start a new lesson” button which creates instantly a lesson for you on the date and time you take attendance in it.


Tap and hold on any empty time slot to add a lesson on a specific date and time (or tap on + icon in the top right corner).

Configuring Timetable

Adding a new lesson has two sections; Lesson Details and Repeat Options.

Lesson Details:

In case you tap and hold on specific cell of date and time, the default date will be set based on it, in case you choose to tap on the + icon, the default will be today’s date beginning from 8am.

You can write notes on that lesson and see those notes in the attendance view.

Repeat Options:

The repeat option is set by default to “Never”, however you can set your lesson on repeat mode; Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Custom.

Configuring Timetable

Once you choose a repeat option, the “Repeat End Date” will be set by default to “Course End Date” that you set while adding your class


  • To edit any lesson, just tap and hold on it.
  • To take attendance on a specific date in the timetable calendar, just tap on that lesson and it will take you to the attendance view to record the attendance for your students.
  • Editing past lessons is not possible, however you can delete it if needed.
Configuring Timetable