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How to Add a Class?

How to Add a Class?

You can add a new class in TeacherKit using many ways.

Fresh “New Class”, Importing students’ data, or duplicating an existing class for a new semester.

Here is how to add a fresh new class:

Once you open TeacherKit, it will open on the home view where you see all your classes.
Tap on “+” icon and choose “New Class” to add a new class.

add class

Adding a new class has two sections, The class details and course details.

All you need is to enter a title for your class, but you can also customize your class with a code, category and and color. This can help you later while sorting your classes.

The Course Details helps you set a Start and End Dates for your course.

By default the Start Date is set to today’s date and the End Date is 3 months after the Start Date. You can change it.

The Course End Date is used to set the repeat end date of the recurrent lessons that you can add in the Timetable.

add class