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How to Register/Login in TeacherKit?

How to Register/Login in TeacherKit?

The first thing to step in and enjoy TeacherKit in class activities is to create a new account or login.

Once you install TeacherKit and open it, you are welcomed by the welcome screens and you can simply tab “Register” to create your account, or “Login” with your current account.

How to Register/Login in TeacherKit?


  • Just tap “Register”
  • Enter a unique username for you, your e-mail and the password you prefer.
How to Register/Login in TeacherKit?


  • We’ve made it possible for you to now login in two ways: either using your e-mail, or using your username. This simple flexibility is ideal for those who don’t always have the time to remember a username, (starting from V2.1).
  • Instant resolution for a forgotten username or password. Just tap the ‘Forgot username/password?’ link, and we will instantly send you an email with your username, and a link to reset your password. A couple of taps and you’ll be back in.
How to Register/Login in TeacherKit