Is there a way to configure a gradebook for multiple classes at the same time?

You can configure the gradebook in a class, then export that gradebook template and import it to any other class easily.

Here is how to export :

1. Open TeacherKit, and from “Classes” View (Home Screen)

2. Tap on “Select” button in the top bar.

3. Select your class (that has your configured gradebook) and Tap “Export” icon in the top bar.

4. Switch ON the files you want to export (Gradebook Template), then tap on “Export” button.

5. Once you tap “Export”, a window will be opened to you to select where do you wanna export your files.

Now your gradebook template is exported. The next step is to import it into other classes.

Here is how to import :

1. From “Classes” View (Home Screen), tap on “Select” button (or tap and hold on any class)

2. Select one of the classes which you want it to have that configured gradebook.

3. Tap on the “Import” icon in the top bar.

4. Once you do that, the “Import Data” window will be opened to you to select the source from which you want to import your data.

You can find more info here about the export and import: