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I’ve purchased the subscription and I don’t not have it yet

I've purchased the subscription and I don't not have it yet.

If you purchased the subscription (monthly or yearly), all you need to do is to go to your account page and refresh it.

1. Open TeacherKit in your iPad/iPhone

2. Tap on the ”Account” icon in the top bar of the classes view in iPad (or in the bottom bar of the classes view in iPhone) – fourth icon from the left.

3. After opening the account screen, just pull to refresh and you will find your account premium.

If this didn’t work with you, please make the purchase again. You won’t be charged twice,
apple will make sure you don’t be charged twice because it is a process done by them.

And then please send us the below screen shots:

  1. A screen shot of your Account page
  2. A screen shot of the error you are having,
  3. A screen shot for the message from your credit card company please (or the confirmation e-mail that you received from apple/iTunes).