TeacherKit Web

What is TeacherKit Web?

What is TeacherKit Web?

Your web gateway for reports.

TeacherKit Web is your new web gateway to access all the reports needed for your classes and students. It gives you either summarized or detailed insights to attendance, behavior, and grades.

It is a web app that connects with your TeacherKit data when you sync it from your devices.

TeacherKit Web Key Features

  • Recent used classes

  • Top present and absent students per class

  • Class Reports – Overall Summary – Attendance (Students & Lessons Attendance) – Behavior – Gradebook

  • Student Reports – Overall Summary – Attendance – Behavior – Gradebook

Who can use TeacherKit Web?

TeacherKit Web is currently available only for premium users.

just sync your data and you will see it appearing on TeacherKit Web. TeacherKit Web is a part of the premium bundle, In order to use it, you need to make sure that you have premium access. If you want to give this a try, become a premium user now.