How Classroom Management Apps Can Save You Time And Cost?

Value for money is as important in education as in any other walk of life. In fact, it’s critical in many parts of the world, where funding may be limited or constrained. Equally, knowing that something brings real benefit and change, and isn’t just a nice-to-have alternative, is critical too...
How Classroom Management Apps Can Save You Time And Cost?

Those two factors are fundamental to classroom management applications like TeacherKit. At ITWORX Education, we’ve worked hard to ensure that firstly, our solutions aren’t just affordable but actually generate savings, and secondly that they aren’t just substitutes for existing practices, but actually game-changers.

Here are some of the key ways that TeacherKit can save you money and time…

Cost savings

One of the major differences that new generation solutions such as TeacherKit bring is the minimal need for the hardware investments and running costs of the past.

Old systems used to require schools and colleges to commit to major upfront outlays, then also lock them into upgrade and replacement cycles that could – after a while – start to eat significantly into budgets.

Because TeacherKit runs on all common devices, including smartphones and tablets, there’s no need for any additional IT hardware expenditure. It can easily be added to existing devices, making the only cost the download fee (from iTunes, Windows Store and Google Play).

Thereafter, all upgrades, new features and so on can simply be actioned from within the app itself. For example, the recent launch of TeacherKit 2.1, with its host of new features, required users to do nothing more than click on the upgrade notification.

This also reduces the burden on IT administrators and departments, who no longer need to devote time and effort to resolving user requests, managing version control and so on. Result: their time can be put to better use!

There are also the add-on cost savings that come with switching to a system like TeacherKit. These include the reduced use of paper, printing and other resources. While these may seem minor initially, over time (and across an entire educational establishment) they can add up to an important cost-efficiency.

Increased efficiencies

Making a teacher’s life easier is the absolute essence of TeacherKit.

Therefore there are numerous efficiencies to be had simply through using the key functions it offers, from logging attendance to tracking student behavior, recording grades and more. These classroom management tasks can be done faster and more easily than any traditional technique would ever allow. Take finding out information, such as a student’s behavior history, for example: now everything is one place, instantly accessible – no longer do records need to be tracked down, brought together from several sources and so on.

Moreover there are also deeper layers of increased efficiency that come as you become more familiar with the app. For example, it’s straightforward to share data between teachers, making any handover incredibly easy.

Likewise TeacherKit enables instant analysis of data, including in ways you might have not have thought of before; meaning that new requests no longer mean laboriously starting things from scratch.