How To Manage Your Classroom Through Teacherkit?

In many ways, TeacherKit can be seen as the ultimate personal organizer for a teacher. Helpful, simple, effective – it absolutely delivers on the fundamental requirement of any tool: making your life easier. With TeacherKit, you can conduct all the key tasks of classroom management: tracking students’ attendance, assigning them grades, monitoring their behavior… All through a simple intuitive interface, that works on all common devices (smartphones, tablets etc)...
How To Manage Your Classroom Through Teacherkit?

In this week’s blog, we sum up how TeacherKit helps with those three key classroom management tasks: attendance, grades and behavior.

Tracking attendance

Some people question switching from traditional book to digital: “It may be quicker once you’re using it, but doesn’t digital take ages to set up?”

Not TeacherKit. Setting up classes is straightforward. Just import existing contacts or add students manually; then assign photographs to names, so students are easily recognizable.

Tracking attendance is equally simple: one tap of a photo changes a student’s attendance status.

Thereafter, the extra advantages of TeacherKit really kick in, for example:

•    Adding more attendance types than just ‘present’ or ‘absent’, covering students who are sick, on holiday, on a field trip etc.

•    Contacting parents and students directly from the platform via email.

Managing grades

In TeacherKit, grading is also intuitive, thanks to the Gradebook feature.

Student grades can be logged against as many items as you want. You can also customize the maximum grade and weight for each gradable item, and – with the Auto Distribution feature – set the weight on gradable items automatically.

This flexibility and user-friendliness isn’t just a great way to ease the classroom management burden on teachers – it also gives grading even more value, purpose and impact. And that, ultimately, is what a system such as TeacherKit is truly aiming for.

Monitoring behavior

As well as those two administrative and pedagogical processes, TeacherKit can also help with the disciplinary side of classroom management.

Monitoring student behavior, both good and bad, is an essential task. As well as once more making this an easy process, TeacherKit also adds a vital aspect: certainty. No longer does a teacher have to rely on arbitrary methods of judging things, or on having to remember them.

By adding each positive or negative incident, teachers can build up an accurate and comprehensive record of behavior for every student. TeacherKit enables you to set your own categories, and – by displaying ‘flags’ against each student – makes it possible to instantly see at a glance how they are performing.

Over time, this record creates a detailed history, making discussing and sharing behavior with a student, their parents/guardian and other teachers simple to do.

Bringing it all together

There’s one final further benefit of managing a classroom with TeacherKit.

All this data – attendance, grades, behavior – can be coordinated together into a full, information-rich student record. This can also be exported to the cloud-based storage location, enabling access for anyone who needs it, at any time.