Six tips for dealing with bullying at school

Spot the signs

Bullying isn’t always obvious, even to observant teachers. It usually happens out of sight; bullies excel at concealing things; and victims are often too ashamed or upset to come forward.

Talk about it

Raise the topic in the classroom, and – for actual instances – remember that simply talking really helps. Be supportive; listen without judgment or criticism.

Remove the bait

Possessions can cause bullying. Can the school help: smartphone dropboxes, vouchers for lunch money…?

Involve others                                                                              

No child should suffer alone. Consult fellow teachers, school counselors and – when appropriate – parents.

Help victims avoid isolation

Suggest after-school clubs. Initiate a buddy system. Empower the class in creating a happy environment.

Stay involved

Continue spending time with affected students (bullies and victims), even after the bullying stops.

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