Teacherkit Story!

Every turning point has a story. TeacherKit story began a few years ago, when a group of teachers all agreed on one notion: The key to productivity simply starts with organization. From this point they decided to join forces and take steps towards a more structured lifestyle. Their first thought emerged from a market gap. Teachers may find it difficult to keep track of classes with numerous students, each having their own grades, homework, attendance, reports, analytics and the list goes on and on. They highlighted the gap in the education system, that is “An Organizing Arm”. Even a seemingly simple task like preparing for a review would require going back to archived papers and stacks of reports to retrieve all the data. It was a cry for help from all the teachers out there....

The market gap was represented in a need for some sort of a personal assistant for teachers, and so they created TeacherKit. A carefully crafted application specially designed to ease the minds of teachers take the pressure off of their shoulders to pave the way for a more efficient education system.

TeacherKit tackles the complete spectrum of class management, starting from the simplest of tasks such as logging of attendance and grades all the way to a fully integrated analysis and reporting system, with the flexibility of customizing the grading system, be it percentages, point based, or even scale and displaying it in a ready-made and completely customizable reports in just few button clicks.

TeacherKit founders also believed that there is an indirect challenge that impacts their students’ performance, which is the smart and effective arrangement of students seating and distribution in class. And so another vital feature in TeacherKit was born, which is an in app. Class Seating Arrangement tool that gives teachers the flexibility to plot down their seating plan for each class to ensure a harmonious environment and effective learning space.

Having been working in schools for many years, the founders of TeacherKit became familiar with different psychologies of students, that’s why they introduced Behavior Recording Tool, which allows teachers to record students behaviors such as “Chatty” or “Has Homework Issues” or “Punctual” for example. All these helps teachers read their audience more accurately and thus deliver valuable information smartly.

And the cherry on top is that they never forgot about the need for mobility while working, and so a TeacherKit user doesn’t have to be bound to a desktop computer or laptop for web interface, but they can have it all synced up on their mobile phones or tablets by downloading the app through Android or iOS. Life has never been easier!

TeacherKit is really an All-in-One application that manages all touch point of teachers with students and even parents. It redefines the education system and eases the lives of Teachers, cause now they can carry tons of data encapsulating in one user friendly app. that they can take everywhere.

TeacherKit is a revolutionary approach for all teachers. With over 1 million downloads, TeacherKit app is impacting lives every day, and its effect is echoing all over the world.
TeacherKit. Because Your Peace of Mind Matters.