Why Teachers Should Invite Parents To Start Using Teacherkit Parents App?

Parents play a very important role in their children’s academic success, that’s why it’s necessary for teachers to include them in every step over the course of the academic year, and in every decision making process that concerns the well being of their children. Nowadays, the school has become a very dynamic place that requires more from parents than just helping with homework; their help has to extend to reach the schoolwork as well. Recent studies show that parents involvement in school leads to enhanced performance of their children across all indicators....
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TeacherKit Parents is making it easier for all parents to stay updated at all times with their children’s performance in school. It reflects instant status updates of students’ performance indicators throughout the academic year like attendance, behavior, and of course their grades, making it possible for parents to be more involved and catch up with everything that is happening in school.
9 out of 10 parents reported that they rely on data to understand how their children are progressing in school, and that’s why TeacherKit Parents is specially designed to provide comprehensive data and reports for parents to use in assessing their children performance in school. Through this app., parents can know what classes their children are enrolled in and how well they are doing in each one of them. The close monitoring and continuous guidance of parents to their children guarantees improved results in terms of higher attendance show up rate, increased positive behavioral traits, and higher scores in all courses and subjects.
TeacherKit Parents provides and open chat channel between two of the main pillars of the schooling system: Parents & Teachers. The open chat channel acts like a shortcut and smart virtual solution to all the regular and frequent PTA meetings, which saves time and effort for both parents and teachers. All the mutual work between parents and teacher can be coordinated through a simple chat window that is built-in the app. At the same time, teachers can spot any alarms in parents behavior at home that might affect students learning capacity or hinder their educational process.
TeacherKit Parents is ultimately the most efficient and smartest solution that allows parents to keep a close eye on activities happening in the school and even inside the classroom without even having to leave their places.
Invite your students’ parents to experience the new era of digital connectivity by downloading TeacherKit Parents, available for iOS and well as Android, and watch their children’s performance at school flourishing.