How to Configure Gradebook?

How to Configure Gradebook? Whether you’re following a point-based or percentage grading system, you can always configure your gradebook the way that suits you with TeacherKit.  Select the grading system that you want from Setting> Gradebook Configuration: Then Open the Gradebook of any of your classes> tap on Configure Gradebook> The below dialog will be […]

How to Record Student Grades?

How to Record Student Grades? Here are some notes to help you in recording grades in TeacherKit Gradebook: All the grades are set by default to (–). Once you tap on any grade cell, the grade keypad will appear. The grade accepts decimal input if needed. You can navigate through the other grades using the […]

How to Configure Grade Levels

How to Configure Grade Levels Many times teachers need to customize a grade level for the total grade ranges. (i.e A: >85%, B: >75%, etc…). TeacherKit helps you customize the grade levels from Settings. HERE IS HOW: 1. Open TeacherKit, and tap on “Settings” icon in the “Classes” view. 2. Tap on “Grade Levels” 3. […]

How does Gradebook work?

How does Gradebook work? You can log student grades as you add gradable items and categories in the intuitive Gradebook. Here are some basics you need to know about TeacherKit Gradebook: In Gradebook you can have different categories (i.e. Assignments, Quizzes, or Term 1, Term 2, etc…) In each category you can have as much […]

How to Change Category Weight Type

How to Change Category Weight Type You can change the weight type of your gradebook categories Tap on ‘Configure Gradebook’ (top right), to start configuring your gradebook. The below dialog will be opened to you (first category is selected by default): Tap on the category name (the middle title in the topbar), to open the […]